At-Home Aquarium Helps You Grow Vegetables and Herbs

AquaSprouts Garden encourages a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants that helps you grow a mini at-home garden

At-Home Aquarium Helps You Grow Vegetables and Herbs

AquaSprouts is a new concept that combines two hobbies into one: gardening and cultivating an aquarium. Aquasprouts has two parts: an aquarium full of colorful fish on the bottom, which provide awesome eye candy and also feed the garden or “sprouts” on top. Once you feed the fish, their waste provides nutrients for the plant bed on top of the aquarium. The technology used is called aquaponics

This is the symbiotic relationship of the AquaSprouts garden, which lets you grow a number of plants on top, like lettuce, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint, and wheatgrass. You’ll have to wait a little while before you can start your own AquaSprouts garden, because right now, the company is on KickStarter, and is taking pre-orders at the moment.

"The Garden allows families to see first-hand how our natural environment works,” said Jack Ikard, co-founder of AquaSprouts. “Children understanding where food comes from and what makes it natural and organic, at a young age, allows them to become more conscious in what they're consuming. Growing anything from seeds to harvest is a fulfilling feeling that allows one to be connected with what they're eating, and be excited about the hard work becoming a reward come dinner time."

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