Google Glass Pairs Up with OpenTable, Foursquare, TripIt

Google Glass has teamed up with several companies for apps that "simplify travel experiences"

Glassware now includes apps from OpenTable, Foursquare, TripIt, and others.

Now that Google Glass Google Explorers can be purchased by anyone with $1,500 to spend, Google has paired with OpenTable, FourSquare, TripIt, and other companies to “simplify travel experiences for everyone from business travelers to day trippers and world explorers, according to the OpenTable blog.

Using a few verbal commands and swipes, the OpenTable Glassware app allows wearers to make dinner reservations.

According to a review from The Next Web, although Glassware will display results based on your restaurant or city selection, you still have to manually swipe to browse results, and you cannot make changes to a reservation through Glassware.

The new Foursquare app allows wearers to “check in” or “find a place” using voice commands, and will tailor results to your GPS location.

TripIt, which does not include an audio command, will display your itinerary, including your OpenTable reservations.


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