Godiva Makes Chocolate Dreams Comes True with Trufflelata


Get your chocolate fix with the new truffleata. Pictured: salted caramel, chocolate lave cake and strawberry creme.

Be still my chocolate-loving heart. Godiva, known for coming out with such innovative chocolate treats as the dessert truffles, and cocktail-inspired truffles, has released the new generation of their signature frozen chocolate shake drink: the Trufflelata. No ordinary shake, this frozen concoction, out just in time for summer, combines Godiva Belgian chocolate one of Godiva’s signature truffle flavors, and is available in six decadent flavors starting today: chocolate lava cake, salted caramel, strawberry crème, hazelnut crunch, milk chocolate and Oreo.

We tried the hazelnut crunch and salted caramel flavors, and they didn’t disappoint: both were extremely rich, and clearly not your average chocolate shake. As Godiva says, “it’s a truffle in every sip,” and they’re so sweet that you may want to share one with a friend.

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