Fried Sriracha & More Crazy Foods at the Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair’s best fried food finalists include spicy Sriracha balls, and a deep-fried loaded baked potato
Fried Sriracha & More Crazy Foods at the Texas State Fair
Texas State Fair

It’s the most wonderful, deep-fried time of the year. Here's the deep-fried breakfast for dinner.

State Fairs are notorious for unusual fried foods. And the Texas State Fair is king of them all, selling some real artery-clogging doozies, from fried butter, to fried bubble gum. The Texas State Fair has just announced its finalists for best fried foods at the Big Tex Choice Awards, including deep-fried Sriracha balls made with chicken corn and green chiles; the chicken-fried loaded baked potato, which explodes with butter, bacon and cheese as soon as you bite into it; and a fried peach cobbler pie topped with ice cream.

One of the more creative (and overstuffed!) entries is the deep-fried “breakfast for dinner,” which loads up a tortilla with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, ham, onion, cheddar cheese and cinnamon roll pieces, which is all deep-fried and served with gravy. Ouch.

We couldn’t possibly choose which heart-stopping dish should take home the big prize, but luckily it’s not up to us — the winner will be chosen on Labor Day, September 1. Tickets to try each of the tasty fried finalists go for a pretty penny at $100 each, hospital bill not included. 

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