Ferran and Albert Adrià in Talks with Cirque du Soleil

The Adrià brothers are working on a 'multidisciplinary project' that will launch in Ibiza

Ferran and Albert Adrià will launch their next major venture in Ibiza in May 2015.

Prolific restaurateurs Ferran and Albert Adrià are working on “an international and multidisciplinary project with global impact,” that will likely involve Cirque du Soleil and the Casino de Ibiza, Albert Adrià told Vanitatis.

Months ago, Albert Adrià mentioned that he and his brother Ferran were working together on a restaurant and night club project in Ibiza, and now promises an opening date of May 29, 2015.

Although he’d like to remain mum on most of the details, Albert says of the restaurant that it will be open six months out of the year, with a renewed concept each year.

Although the multidisciplinary project will feed a thousand people each day, Adrià says the goal is not only to provide guests with an incredible dining experience, but to “shock the world with a fleet of cultural and artistic attractions for adults.”


As of now, Enrique Banegas, a managing director for the Casino de Ibiza told Diario de Ibiza that the deal is “still green” as there are “important details to negotiate.”

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