Fatburger Makes a Beefy Version of KFC’s DoubleDown

Fatburger has created a new monstrosity: the Fatburger protein-style burger with two beef patties for buns
Fatburger Makes a Beefy Version of KFC’s DoubleDown

Is this the ultimate pre-weightlifting snack? (It’s only a snack if you don’t add extra beef patties, you wimp).

The Los Angeles-based chain Fatburger has decided that the bun-beef ratio on a regular burger is a little off, so why not get rid of the bread completely and amp up the meat? Rivaling KFC’s infamous DoubleDown, which featured two pieces of fried chicken serving as the “bread” in a chicken sandwich, the Fatburger protein-style burger uses two beef patties as the “buns,” with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and melted cheese on the inside. You can also pile on bacon, fried eggs, guacamole, or chili for an extra oomph to this meaty creation.

Fatburger is the first chain burger joint to offer a burger wrapped in beef, with no pansy bread required.

A small protein burger will cost you $4.50, or you can add progressively more beef patties for a dollar more per extra piece of meat.

We think that maybe (because it’s California), that Fatburger is appealing to the paleo and gluten-free crowd. You can even throw in a gluten-free bun to your meat tower — er, burger — for no extra charge.

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