Everything Important That Happened in Food in 2013

Staff Writer
Way too many stories made the headlines this year. We've condensed it for you

What happened in 2013?

It's already almost New Year's (and we're starting to panic about our subpar New Year's plans and suffering from FOMO), which means it's time for all the year-end roundups (best food videos of 2013! Best restaurant snafus! Worst hybrids created!) to help jog the memories of old farts like us.

So here it is: your definitive guide to every important thing (OK, 10 important things) that happened in 2013. Sure, it doesn't include the tiny stories like that one time somebody made a beer pong trick shot down a moving escalator, or the government shutdown that freaked everyone out until it got back up and running (and then everyone forgot about it). But this roundup is seriously all you need to know about the food world going into 2014. Here's to all the music food videos, weird beers, and terrible vodka flavors to come.

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