Taco Bell Comes Out With Spicy Chicken Nugget Chips

Taco Bell came out with spicy fried chicken “chips” with volcanic dipping sauce

Will triangular bits of fried chicken catch on?

Taco Bell is expanding its palette by adding Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips (aka spicy, triangular-shaped chicken nuggets) to menus near its headquarters in Irvine, California, though the nuggets have also been spotted in Knoxville, Tennessee. The slightly spicy fried chicken triangles made with marinated white meat chicken come with a side of lava sauce.

This isn’t Taco Bell’s first foray into the territory of McDonald’s and Burger King. The company is also currently testing out loaded French fries in select locations for the first time.

This is all a part of the Mexican fast-food brand’s New Year’s commitments, which include getting rid of extra-large soda sizes, becoming more ingredient-conscious (no more antibiotics, and cutting back on sodium), introducing new menu items, becoming more environmentally savvy, and giving scholarships to its employees.


You can get the Volcano Crispy Chicken Chips for a mere $1 for a pack of six. With fully loaded fries, that comes to only $2.