Starbucks Is Bringing in Local-Favorite Foods to Stores in the Area

With Delectable Cakery and Bantam Bagels, what will be next?

Starbucks is selling sweet potato cakes from Delectable Cakery at their Washington, D.C. stores.

We have said farewell to La Boulange Bakeries in San Francisco, but it looks like Starbucks is taking a new approach to sourcing food from well-loved restaurants in urban areas.

Starbucks recently introduced sweet potato cakes from Delectable Cakery to Maryland stores, according to Delectable Cakery's website. They were formally introduced on July 4 as cupcakes, sliced Bundt cakes, and sliced loaf cakes. The cakes are made in original sweet potato, red velvet sweet potato, and chocolate sweet potato with pecan cream cheese frosting varieties.

Starbucks also released Bantam Bagels in New York City stores. These mini cream cheese-stuffed bagels were once featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, and their creators now have a store in the West Village. We have reached out to Starbucks for comment.


With all these regions covered, we wonder if Starbucks will look toward New England to create a lobster roll, just like McDonald’s did for their Northeastern restaurants.