South Asian Cinnamons Combat Sickness

A new study shows that cinnamon contains anti-viral properties
Cinnamon Fights Viruses
Wikimedia Commons/SA 3.0

Cinnamon has been proven to fight viruses, says Touro School study.

Chicken noodle soup may be a good remedy to recover from the cold or flu, but cinnamon might be a better one.

The Touro College and University System just released a study about Saigon and Ceylon cinnamons showing that these varieties, both of which are from South Asia, were effective in fighting against viruses. The study was conducted with other spices and herbs as well, including Spanish saffron, cloves, garlic, and cocoa.

Dr. Milton Schiffenbauer, a professor at the New York School of Career and Applied Studies at Touro College, led the study with his colleagues to test against Phi X, a bacteria-infecting virus much like the ones that attack humans and animals. The study showed that after a day of incubation, an extract with 10 percent cinnamon was able to rid 99 percent of the Phi X virus in 10 minutes. 

“The results validate our belief that a diet that includes a tablespoon of cinnamon once or twice a day can be effective in eliminating or preventing viruses from infecting humans and causing sickness, such as colds, flu, and even herpes,” Schiffenbauer says.


It’s been proven that red wine can cure colds and coffee can prevent a multitude of diseases, but maybe two spoonful of cinnamon can help the medicine go down, sans actual medicine.