Rita’s Temporarily Discontinues Frozen Custard Due to Egg Shortage

The frozen custards will be replaced by soft serve for now — say it isn’t so!
Rita’s Halts Frozen Custard

Photo Modified: Flickr/John Ong/CC 4.0

Please return soon, frozen custards.

This year’s bird flu-related egg shortage has been affecting restaurant prices, breakfast at Whataburger, and now frozen custard at Rita’s Italian Ice.

The East Coast-based chain, best known for their water ices, will replace frozen custard with soft serve ice cream during the shortage. On their website, they write:

“Due to a nationwide egg shortage we are unable to serve our signature Frozen Custard at this time. We know these are eggs-traordinary circumstances, but please enjoy our creamy soft-serve ice cream in the meantime! It’s just like our signature Frozen Custard only it’s egg-less.”

Rita’s has over 600 stores and uses 1,600 pounds of egg yolks per day, which is equivalent to 24 tons per month, according to their website.

The soft serve will be available in chocolate, vanilla, and twist, and it won’t be on the menu after the nation’s egg supply returns to a stable level.

There’s no exact date for when frozen custard will return, but Rita’s promises that “We’re working hard to bring back custard as fast as we can for our loyal guests, and you’ll be the first to know when custard makes its egg-cellent return!”

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