Pommes Frites Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Reopen

The French fry spot is raising money to open at their new location this fall

Pommes Frites launched their Indiegogo campaign to reopen their restaurant.

Pommes Frites — the beloved French fry spot in the East Village that burned down in a gas explosion back in March — announced on Facebook on June 30 that they are launching an Indiegogo campaign to reopen.

The campaign is called Rebuild Pommes Frites and was started by the restaurant’s co-founder Suzanne Levinson. The ultimate goal is to raise $64,000 by October 2015 and the funds will be targeted to cover the cost of replacing equipment.

We reported last month that the new Pommes Frites location will be at 128 MacDougal St., about a mile west of their old location at 123 2nd Ave. The Indiegogo campaign is also hinting that new sauces and a new Belgian beer might be added to the menu.


Levinson writes on the Indiegogo page: “We’re very excited to build up a new shop, including all the lessons we learned in the last 18 years. But the biggest joy will come when we can hire back our staff, and hitting our fundraising goal will help us bring every one of our talented cooks, managers, and counter staffers back on board as quickly as possible.”