The Latest In At-Home Gardening Technology: The FarmBot

Take a shot at urban farming with the FarmBot — a new device that will plant seeds, water, and monitor your plants for you.

The FarmBot can be controlled with software on your laptop or phone, according to the company website.

The software allows the user to create a simulated garden by dragging and dropping plants onto a garden map, almost like a video game.

FarmBot is an open-source company, which means that design files, software source code, and detailed product information are publicly shared for anyone to use.

One of the benefits of using the FarmBot versus going to the grocery store for produce is the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 25 percent than standard vegetables in the U.S., according to the company website.

The FarmBot kits are currently available for pre-order for $3,275, with the first round of July pre-orders to ship out by February 2017.

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