Justin’s Launches All-in-One Pretzel and Nut Butter Snack at Target

The nut butter company has a new on-the-go snack

Justin's released a line of Snack Packs at Target.

Justin’s launched new Snack Packs exclusively for Target on July 12, according to a press release.

The Snack Packs come in three flavors: chocolate hazelnut, almond butter, and maple almond butter. Each pack is paired with pretzel sticks, making it an all-in-one snack.

Justin’s is best known for their varieties of nut butters. Justin Gold, founder of the company, said that the Snack Packs are filled with protein to keep you fuller longer. “Snacking on-the-go can often mean sacrificing nutrition for convenience, or sacrificing taste for health,” Gold said in a statement. “We knew we could put our minds together to find a better-for-you solution that is fun and exciting.”

The Snack Packs were made for Target’s Made to Matter Collection, which brings together organic, natural, and sustainable brands to provide Target customers with health- and eco-conscious products. Justin’s uses domestically sourced nuts from Georgia, Oregon, and California and organic and non-GMO ingredients.


The Snack Packs are available for $1.99 each.