Could Dried Food Powder Be The Solution To World Hunger?

The world wastes about 2,205 pounds of food every day, which is around one-third of all food produced. There may not be an answer for ending world hunger just yet, but this Kickstarter campaign might be close to finding one.

FoPo Food Powder was created by a group of students from Lund University in Sweden, who found a way to turn expired food into a powder. The process actually stops the foods from going bad and extends their shelf lives. The students, who are master's candidates in a program for food innovation and product design, found a way to dry out the foods and pulverize them into a powder.

Surprisingly, the powders can last for two years and maintain nutritional value from the foods. They can be used to create veggie soups, smoothies, yogurt toppings, baking, and fruit juices.

FoPo is currently being sold at a few supermarkets in the Philippines. After Typhoon Haiyan hit the country in November 2013, 27 percent of the country's population remained food insecure months.

The food powders could become available to the general public in the very near future: The team is negotiating possible partners and exceeded their Kickstarter goal of 180,000 Swedish krona, which is approximately $21,150 in U.S. dollars.