Burger King Japan Creates All-Red Burger

It’s the follow up to last year’s all-black cheeseburger

The Aka Samurai Chicken Sandwich and Burger will be available on July 3.

Just when you thought Burger King Japan couldn’t get any crazier with their color choices (who could forget that all-black cheeseburger?), the chain announced today in a press release that they will release an all-red Aka Samurai chicken sandwich and Samurai beef burger, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Aka (“Red”) sandwiches are made with their respective meats and topped with a red-hot sauce made of miso and hot pepper. They’re completed with, of course, red buns and cheese. The all-red sandwiches — their color comes from tomato powder — will be available starting July 3. The Samurai chicken is 540 yen, or about $4.40, and the Samurai beef is 690 yen, which is around $5.60. 

And those all-black burgers we mentioned earlier? Burger King Japan is releasing a 2.0 version called the Kuro Shogun on August 21. The Kuro (“Black”) burger will contain deep-fried eggplant, along with a black bun, sauce, and cheese.


As terrifying as they look, the burgers must taste good (or just intrigue a lot of people) if Burger King Japan is coming up with more combinations. We’ll be on the lookout for more colors.