Berlin Man Steals Bike, Breaks Into Restaurant to Drink Half a Bottle of Tabasco Sauce

What restaurant leaves Tabasco lying around instead of a tiny bottle of red liqueur?
Berlin Man Drinks Tabasco

Photo Spicy Bokeh Modified: Flickr/John Griggs/CC 4.0

A man in Berlin drank half a bottle of Tabasco sauce after breaking into a restaurant.

Stealing a bike is hard work, so to quench your thirst, the most logical thing to reach for is a bottle of Tabasco sauce. That was probably the thought process behind the bizarre actions of this intoxicated Berlin man.

34-year-old Jens Berger stole a bike and chucked it through a restaurant window in Berlin. He then proceeded to drink half a bottle of Tabasco sauce, telling authorities he was thirsty. This had police baffled, leaving them to ask the question on everyone’s mind: why?

A police spokesperson told The Associated Press that Berger may have mistaken the Tabasco for a tiny red bottle of liqueur that is popular in Germany. He told police that he broke into the restaurant because he was thirsty and just wanted to sleep.

Neighbors called the police after hearing the window break. Berger was arrested in the restaurant and taken to an overnight holding cell.


(Photo Spicy Bokeh Modified: Flickr/John Griggs/CC 4.0)