Arby’s Has a Vegetarian Hotline for People Tempted by Brown Sugar Bacon

Oh, Arby’s…

Arby's has a hotline to tempt vegetarians to eat their new brown sugar bacon.

The chain that created the Meat Mountain sandwich is offering support to vegetarians tempted to give up their morals and try the new brown sugar bacon.

Arby’s just announced a vegetarian support hotline designed for non-meat-eaters who are considering breaking their vegetarianism for this sugar-covered bacon. The pepper bacon glazed with brown sugar launched on June 28. In an open letter, the sandwich chain states, “Hardcore vegetarians likely won’t budge, but for those of you who are on the fringe or new to the game, avoidance can’t be easy.”

When we dialed the hotline, the recorded message said that it is hard to resist temptation and encouraged callers to “go make a salad.”


If you feel so inclined, call 1-855-MEAT-HLP and leave the hotline a message. Maybe you can tell them that a hotline just for brown sugar bacon is a bit excessive — or that it sounds amazing, if you like the idea of sweet bacon.