Leaked Emails Reveal Coca-Cola Asked Clinton to Withdraw Soda Tax Support

WikiLeaks emails have revealed telling exchanges between Coke and Clinton after she supported the soda tax in Philadelphia
“Really??? After all we’ve done?” Coca-Cola executive writes to Clinton.

Wikimedia Commons

“Really??? After all we’ve done?” Coca-Cola executive writes to Clinton.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, thousands of Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails have given voters surprising insights into the Democratic presidential nominee’s professional and personal life. The latest revelation shows a cozy relationship between Coca-Cola and Clinton. The email leaks revealed an angry exchange between Coca-Cola executives and Clinton after she came out in April in support of Philadelphia’s soda tax that was aimed at reducing the popularity of sugary drinks.

"Really??? After all we’ve done?" Coca-Cola executive Clyde Tuggle wrote in an April 20 email to Capricia Marshall, Clinton’s campaign associate who was also formerly employed by Coca-Cola. "I hope this has been falsely reported."

Coca-Cola has donated more than $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, Vox reported.

What followed next was a back-and-forth between Coca-Cola and Clinton advisers who told the executives to “sit tight” before directly contacting Clinton.

“By midday, Katherine Rumbaugh, vice president of government relations for Coca-Cola North America, had pulled together intelligence suggesting Hillary Clinton, despite her remarks, was perhaps not really all that on board with the whole soda tax idea,” Politico staff writer Helena Bottemiller Evich said.

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The soda tax, which is still being heralded as “Hillary-endorsed,” passed in Philadelphia this week in a 13-4 vote. Clinton’s campaign has not officially endorsed the tax, nor has Clinton retracted her initial support.