Doritos Giving out $3,000 Worth of Golden Chips

Will you be the lucky one to find the golden Dorito?

Oompa, Loompa Doomp-a-dee doo. I’ve got a golden Dorito for you! Doritos has announced a new Willy Wonka-style contest that will give Doritos fans the chance to win a golden Dorito chip, worth $3,000. Doritos has hidden 3,000 small golden chips (worth about $31 each), inside bags of Doritos Jacked Bold Mystery flavor. Lucky winners will get a gold chip in the mail (check that one off your Christmas list!), and also get the chance to win the coveted $3,000 2 .5-oz. 24-karat solid gold Doritos chip replica.

Doritos Jacked are larger and bolder than regular Doritos, and fans can vote for their favorite unlabeled bag of Doritos.  (We tried the Doritos Jacked Mystery Flavors, and we are pretty sure one of the flavors is chili chocolate).

So just to recap: by eating a bag of these Doritos Jacked Mystery Flavors, you could win an inedible golden Dorito, and trade it in for enough money to go to the movies with a friend. But two lucky winners will also win a $3,000 giant gold chip on top of that.

We are so sorry that this contest doesn’t include a visit to the magical Doritos factory with a giant powdered cheese waterfall. Take it up with Frito-Lay.

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