Communion Wafer Burger Causing a Stir and More News

In today's Media Mix, restaurant menus not getting healthier, plus more energy drink drama

Kuma's Corner in Chicago has a new burger that some are calling "sacrilegious."

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Communion Wafer Burger: Chicago favorite Kuma's Corner has released a new burger, titled The Ghost, with braised goat shoulder, a red wine reduction, and an unconsecrated communion wafer. Some folks are not happy. [Chicago Tribune]

How to Check If Restaurants Are Clean: After this week's Mission Chinese scandal, here are some tips to check for yourself how clean your favorite restaurant is. [ABC News]

Energy Drink Warning: France's food safety agency ANSES has told citizens that they probably shouldn't drink energy drinks with alcohol while exercising. Yep, sounds about right. [Food Navigator]

Restaurant Menus Not Changing: Despite a higher emphasis on food and food quality, a new study found that American chain restaurants are still offering entrées with the same number of calories and sodium in the last two years. [RedOrbit]

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