Chipotle 'Sweatshop' Location Loses Nearly All Staff, Closes

A Chipotle near Penn State University shut down after several staff members quit over ‘heinous’ working conditions
Chipotle Location Loses Nearly Entire Staff for ‘Sweatshop  Conditions’

A Chipotle location near Penn State University shut down temporarily after nearly its entire staff quit.

A Chipotle at Penn State University was temporarily forced to shut down after the location lost almost its entire staff, including management and crew members, who cited “borderline sweatshop conditions” in a note from the staff that was posted to the door of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Chipotle’s corporate office has contested the note, saying that only a “minority of staff” resigned, while there are “a majority of others who are enthusiastic to return to work,” according to Bloomberg.

A former manager for the location told Onward State, a local student news outlet, that Chipotle routinely scheduled six to eight workers for shifts that needed 13 or 14 staff, resulting in workers completing 10- to 12-hour shifts “without any breaks to eat.”

The note left by employees during the location’s closure encouraged others to “help spread awareness” and “ask our corporate offices why their employees are forced to work in borderline sweatshop conditions.”

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