Chipotle's Queso Blanco Has A New Recipe, And We Tried It

Chipotle first launched queso in 2017, and it kind of flopped. It was gritty, sharp and didn't work well with Chipotle's burritos. In response, Chipotle revamped the recipe for stores nationwide and began testing an all-new queso blanco at 52 restaurants across Detroit, Dallas and San Diego. On Feb. 27, the dip will replace its orange predecessor at locations nationwide.

Fast Food Menu Items With a Cult Following

Chipotle's queso blanco is made with aged white cheddar and aged Monterey Jack cheeses from small and mid-sized family farms in Wisconsin. It also gets serrano, chipotle and poblano peppers. So, how does it compare to the original? It's a lot better. It's not goopy or gritty. It's creamy and flavorful, and tastes like real cheese.

"It's an improvement on the last recipe for sure. I don't remember that one very well, just that it was grainy and bad," one editor said. "It has a homemade quality to it that I appreciated. The flavors were present without being overpowering, which I think makes it a good accompaniment to Chipotle's burritos."

"It's 10 times better than the old queso," another said. "That just tasted fake. This actually tastes like melted cheese."

To try it for yourself, head to your local Chipotle on or after Feb. 27. Price varies by region, but you can expect to add it to any entree for $1.25 to $1.60 per 2-ounce pour. A 4-ounce side to dip your chips in will set you back $2.15 to $2.70. Chipotle's queso blanco has our stamp of approval, but if you're looking for the real deal, head to the best Mexican restaurant in your state.