Chef José Andrés to Deliver Keynote at Roots Conference 2014

Chefs, farmers, and other figures from all over the food industry will join the Roots Conference at Chef’s Garden this October

Chef José Andrés will deliver the keynote speech at the second annual Roots Conference.

Prominent Spanish-American chef José Andrés — whose constantly growing repertoire of restaurants includes minibar, Jaleo, The Bazaar, and many others — has been named the keynote speaker for the second-annual Roots Conference this October, at Chef’s Garden in Huron, Ohio.

The Roots Conference is an annual symposium on food topics.

This year’s program includes: “Seed Advocacy: Policies and Actions that Promote the Growth & Success of Organic Seed Systems,” with Glenn Roberts (Anson Mills) and Matthew Dillon (Seed Matters and the Clif Bar Family Foundation); “Indigenous Cuisine: Moving Forward By Remembering the Past,” with Sean Sherman (Sioux chef) and Richard Hetzler (Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian); and “Creative Eating: How Art Inspires What We Think and Feel About Food,” with  Maxime Bilet (Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking), Jamie Simpson (The Culinary Vegetable Institute) and Jehangir Mehta (Graffiti restaurant).


Other program topics will include the exploration of ancient cooking traditions through the lens of modern technology, discussions on how to combat food waste and obesity, changing conceptions of food locality, and the future of agriculture.

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