Burger King Malaysia Introduces "Godzilla" Nacho Burger

Burger King

Would you eat this monster nacho/burger concoction?

We’re not sure if even Godzilla would be able to touch this monster nacho burger creation. Burger King Malaysia recently released a whole new line of tortilla chip-topped Raksasa creations (which roughly translates to “giant” or “monster”), including the Raksasa burger, which consists of three burger patties layered with mayo and BBQ sauce, topped with nacho chips and cheese.

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There’s also a Raksasa wrap, which is basically the same concept, just with fried chicken in a wrap; and the Raksasa milo, which is chocolate milk topped with chocolate powder and cereal.

We still have no idea how combining cheesy nachos with Burger King burgers has anything to do with the upcoming release of the newest Godzilla remake, which comes out this Friday.

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