Burger King Creates BBQ Cheeseburger Hoagie


Make your burger horizontal with the new BBQ Long Burger sandwich.

Long live the long cheeseburger! Ever wish your cheeseburger was more horizontal? Burger King has answered that wish with the brand-new “Extra Long BBQ Cheeseburger,” which is basically two burger patties topped with cheese, onions, and BBQ sauce, and sandwiched between two slices of sesame seed hoagie bread. It’s an extra-long take on the popular Rodeo Cheeseburger item.

“The new savory Extra Long BBQ Cheeseburger is a fun twist on a classic burger,” Eric Hirschhorn, Chief Marketing Officer, North America, Burger King told Market Watch. “Instead of stacking the patties, we’ve placed them side by side and topped them with two summer favorites, crispy onion rings and sweet BBQ sauce.”

A version of this lengthy sandwich has been a staple in certain European countries like Austria and The Netherlands for a few years now, whose version of the hoagie has three patties instead of one. In America, the extra-long cheeseburger will cost you approximately $3.59, and deliver a whopping 590 calories each. Still hungry? This summer, Burger King is offering a mix and match deal where you can buy two premium sandwiches for $5 total. 


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi