Burger Expert George Motz Dishes on New Cookbook

George Motz gave The Daily Meal the scoop on his upcoming cookbook about burger technique
Burger Expert George Motz Dishes on New Cookbook
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The best burgers are simple, says Motz. We agree!

George Motz, Travel Channel host and of the foremost burger experts in America, has announced that he will releasing a new cookbook with Abrams in 2016 all about burger technique. Motz gave The Daily Meal a sneak-peak at the upcoming book, which isn't due out until 2016.

“It will be the definitive cookbook on hamburger 'method', something that burger cookbooks rarely cover,” said Motz. “This won't be a book about toppings, it will be an exploration of the myriad regional styles that exist in America.” This isn;t just about slapping a patty on the Weber grill. Burger styles that will be touched upon in the book include smoking, steaming, deep-frying, smashing, poaching, grilling, and (my personal favorite) stuffing with cheese, spices, and other ingredients.

Each section of the book will give context to a particular regional style of burger-cooking, along with some background.  You’ll see recipes like the slug burger, a burger served mostly in the Deep South that has day-old bread mixed into the beef and was born of necessity during the Great Depression.

So what’s the secret to a great burger, regardless of the style you choose?

“Simplicity,” said Motz. “Many of these recipes will be designed to focus on the method of cooking with an emphasis of keeping the process simple and straightforward.”

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