Blue Apron's Menu For Thanksgiving Features Turkey, 5 Sides

It's time to start planning for Thanksgiving 2020, which falls on Thursday, Nov. 26. We have a lot of great resources for side dish recipes and everything you need to know about cooking a turkey and beyond, but if you're looking to make things a little easier on yourself, you might consider a meal kit. Blue Apron has introduced its first Thanksgiving-themed box containing all the ingredients you need for a stress-free holiday dinner delivered right to your door.

Thanksgiving Shopping Tips, Strategies and Secrets

Previously, Blue Apron had dessert options for the holiday week. But Blue Apron's Thanksgiving kit is designed to feed up to eight people. There are two options, the first being a full turkey dinner with Southern-inspired boneless and easy-to-carve turkey breast, five sides and desserts. This will be available for order on Oct. 23 and Nov. 2 to arrive the week of Nov. 23.

The second option includes mix and match dishes with your choice of pork roast, sides and dessert. This will be available to order on Oct. 23 to arrive the week of Nov. 23. And, of course, both packages come with step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare everything.

No meal is complete without drinks, and if you're not exactly a sommelier, Blue Apron will add a Holiday Feast Favorites wine bundle featuring its chefs' selections of four red and two white wines to complement its Thanksgiving dishes.

Of course, there's always the option of going big with your own homemade holiday feast. Wow your guests with everything from deviled eggs and pomegranate cherry baked brie to honey brown sugar-glazed ham and slow cooker caramel apple dip with our collection of the best Thanksgiving recipes.