Bourdain Likes Depeche Mode, Other Insights from his Q&A

While waiting for his flight to Shanghai, Anthony Bourdain took to Twitter to answer a bunch of questions from his fans

"Mayonnaise."- Anthony Bourdain on the worst crimes against sushi he's come across during his travels.

While waiting to board his flight to Shanghai on Monday, April 30th, Anthony Bourdain took to Twitter to pass the time.

Bourdain decided to answer fan questions that included his favorite reggae artist (Peter Tosh), his favorite Tarantino film (Jackie Brown), the most interesting person he’s ever eaten with (Bill Murray), his death row meal of choice (sushi by Jiro), and per his wife, whether or not he needed anything from the grocery store (Cap’n Crunch).

We also learned that he’s not a fan of deep dish pizza, thinks that Spanglish was dreadful, is pals with Ludo (Lefebvre of the pop-up restaurant LudoBites), and that if not for the success of Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain would have been a brunch cook.


The full Q&A, which lasted until Bourdain was told to “turn off all mobile devices,” is on Twitter and definitely worth a browse, but here are a few of the most interesting things we learned: