Another Robot Bartender Gets Kickstarter

This one will reportedly pour you a drink when your team scores. Sweet

This robotic bartender can reportedly sense your mood to pour you the right drinks. Or something like that.

Another day, another robot to help make eating and drink way too much way too easy. This time, meet Monsieur, a robotic bartender that reportedly "learns you," with "thousands of cocktails," and is built to "custom pour you those cocktails at the touch of a button."

The features? Monsieur will reportedly "learn you," as you can choose the strength of your drink from "Light" to "BOSS." It also can figure out if you're coming home from work late (but how?) and need a stiff drink, if your football team scores and you need a celebratory drink, and if you have a date over.

All of this feels somewhat creepy, but we imagine it gets hooked up to your phone and can sense when your phone enters the proximities of your home. And while having an at-home bartender pour you peach schnapps and cranberry juice every Sunday afternoon might sound nice, we imagine we'd still miss the looks of disdain from our local bartender. Nothing curbs getting drunk like the judgment of the folks behind the bar when you consistently order picklebacks.