New York's Perla Shuttered by the Department of Health

The restaurant is a Greenwich Village gem

Perla, the popular restaurant on Minetta Lane in New York's Greenwich Village, was shuttered during service last night by the Department of Health. A tipster let us know that the city agency conducted an inspection during dinnertime and closed the restaurant down on the spot, and the yellow sign on the restaurant's window (left) tells the rest of the story: it's been shuttered, and won't be opening back up until they clean up their act. 

The restaurant, which is run by Gabe Stulman (of Joseph Leonard and Fedora fame), opened with much fanfare last year and has been one of the neighborhood's most popular restaurants since.

Their page on the Department of Health's website has yet to be updated (it still displays their "B" rating from January, citing evidence of mice and improper sanitation), but we're sure all the details from last night's inspection will be made public soon. We've reached out to the restaurant for comment and will update when more information becomes available. 

UPDATE: Here's what Stulman told Grub Street


"The Department of Health stopped by Perla last night and we were dinged with two violations. One was for a bartender not wearing gloves while shaking a cocktail and the other was for our walk-in refrigerator not holding temperature. They chose to shut us down for the night. We have already fixed all the issues and plan to be open for dinner service as regularly planned tonight."