New York Weddings: The 100 Mile Menu

New York Weddings: The 100 Mile Menu

Planning a 100 mile menu for your wedding is a great way to make sure your guests get the freshest and tastiest food, while also decreasing the impact of your wedding on the planet. Liz Neumark, Founder and CEO of Great Performances in New York, shares her passion for locally-sourced seasonal menus along with tips on how to go green for your wedding, no matter where you are in the country:


Heirloom tomato tart for a wedding with a 100 mile menu

Pumpernickel wedding entre from new york catering company

Treviso wedding menu new york 100 mile local food

Wedding menu trout entre

Liz Neumark, founder of Great Performances catering in New York

Life happens around food logo for Great performances

mom and baby in the tomato field eating local food

stone fruit tart

fruit pie with a crumble topping

fruit wedding cocktails

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