New York Town Bans Fast-Casual Restaurants

Eastchester, New York, has already banned fast food
Five Guys
Wikimedia Commons/ Hepcat 748

Five Guys

A small town in Westchester County, N.Y., has decided to take their already-imposed ban against fast-food restaurants one step further and ban fast-casual chain restaurants entirely, according to LoHud.

Restaurants like Quiznos, Cosi, Five Guys, Chipotle, and Panera aren’t welcome in the town of Eastchester, which changed the zoning code to do away with the restaurant style.

"Generally speaking you have a corporate-driven architecture, you have a milliard décor, it's a plastic bubble menu, it generates a lot of noise, pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic and it diminishes the character of the community," the town’s Supervisor Anthony Colavita told FOX.

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The town of Eastchester is long and narrow, according to Colavita, and most residents live very close to the main drag, where these chains would pop up. By banning these types of restaurants, he hopes to avoid "cheapening" the town.