New York Restaurant Offering A $30 K Valentine's Day Dinner

So, you think you got your sweetie something special for Valentine's Day? Try topping this extravagant $30,000 feast and romantic experience being offered by the Pera Mediterranean Brasserie near Grand Central Station in New York. The lucky couple will sample a decadent meal while being serenaded by a harpist before being whisked off to a one-night stay at the nearby Ritz Carlton Hotel. The following morning, experience a horse-drawn carriage ride complete with cronuts and Cristal champagne, and $5,000 Tiffany and Co. shopping spree, plus a photographer to capture each moment of the special date.

 The unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience features nine courses designed to increase libido: starting with a $1,600-an-ounce caviar, Langoustine de la Manche, roasted venison and rack of lamb, and finishing with a chocolate lava cake topped with a 24 karat gold leaf. The menu is called the "She'll Say Yes" menu, though the only thing it doesn't seem to come with is the engagment ring.

This experience is obviously not for everyone, and owner Burak Karacam told The Daily News that he imagines that this package will be purchased for a particularly romantic and important occasion.

"Someone with a long lost love, a love against all odds situation," he said. "And this is kind of the final icing on the cake to bring it all together. It's beyond just romantic, it's exquisite."

PS- If she says no, the restaurant will pay for a session of therapy to "get you back in the game."

Amazingly, this is not the most expensive Valentine's Day date in the world. For $100,000 you can have Michelin-starred chef Adam Simmonds come to your home and cook a meal for you and your loved one. The over-the-top experience includes a harpist, a romantic poet and the release of a dozen white doves. Included in the eight-course menu are all kinds of expensive truffles, gold-leaf embossed dishes and wagyu beef, according to Time Magazine.

Even if you're not dropping six figures this Valentine's Day, chances are you're still probably contributing to the "most expensive Valentine's Day ever." This year, Americans are set to spend $17.3 billion for the most romantic day of the year, according to the National Retail Federation.