New DIY Trend: Churning the Butter

Do it yourself at home or at a party

OK, here we go. Pour cream into the glass jar, grab hold of the handle on top, and crank that sucker. Voilà!  Fifteen to 20 minutes later, you have butter. And that’s how you churn butter.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) butter churning is the latest cooking trend. If you haven’t already been invited to a butter-churning party, you probably will be soon. The trend is spreading quickly, meaning you might want to get your hands on a butter churner.

Bee Wilson, British food writer and author of the food-gadget history book Consider the Fork, says it’s probably a response to the technological age. After staring at virtual gadgets all day long, perhaps more and more people like to do it themselves ever so often.

Oh, and if you’re attending a butter-churning party, don’t forget to BYOC (bring your own cream).


Happy churning!