New Studies Link Sugary Drinks to Genetic Obesity

Yet again, the science backs it up: now, certain gene markers may predict whether sodas will cause obesity

Normally, more studies proving there's a link between obesity and sugary drinks wouldn't surprise us, as we've basically heard it all, but this newest study has our attention: it claims those with the genetic predisposition to obesity are more likely to feel the harmful effects of sugary drinks and sodas. 

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows why those who drink the same amounts of sugary drinks may have very different waistlines, FOX News says. For those with the genetic markers known to cause obesity, the more sodas they drank, the higher their risk for obesity. When the researchers from Harvard University compared soda consumption with those same genetic factors, they found that those who drank more than one soda per day had an obesity risk twice as high as those who drank soda once per month, reports Businessweek. 

What makes the study so important, say the researchers, is that it proves a link between diet and genes and their influence on each other.