The CAVAMAX W6 Will Whip Anything, Even if It's Dairy- and Fat-Free

Staff Writer
Want whipped orange juice? This new invention does it.

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Thanks to technology, we can now have whipped desserts without fat or dairy. Wacker Group, a global chemical company, introduced the CAVAMAX W6. It is a “naturally occurring, starch-based carbohydrate” that can be used to create nonfat or nondairy whipped desserts, the company states on their website.

The CAVAMAX W6 is also a non-allergenic dietary fiber, making it a good option for consumers with diet restrictions. This whipping agent can be used to make whipped products containing fruit juices, purees, or honey. It also works well with acidic ingredients and at high temperatures. If fat and dairy is a nonissue, this product can be whipped with egg whites and dairy products such as yogurt and buttermilk.

Other whipping agents, such as the Versawhip 600K and the Simplesse 100 Whey Protein Concentrate, have dairy protein in them. The CAVAMAX W6, in comparison, has none.

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Two distributors in the U.S. are selling this item in bulk, so we may have to wait for a lower-quantity option for home use. It is likely, however, that dessert manufacturers and Modernist chefs will use this product to make new, innovative creations. Maybe we’ll see something new at New York’s wd~50 or Chicago’s Alinea.