New Klondike Kandy Ice Cream Bars in Three Flavors

Klondike has introduced three ice cream bars inspired by three classic candy combinations
New Klondike Kandy Ice Cream Bars in Three Flavors

A romance between Klondike Bar and Nurse Candy brings us the Klondike Kandy Bar.

Klondike, the makers of the classic Klondike ice cream bar as well as the Choco Taco and assorted ice cream sandwiches, is going after the candy bar market. The three new Klondike Kandy Bars are ice cream bars inspired by some of your favorite candy bars.

Fudge Krunch, features chocolate ice cream coated in caramel and milk chocolate with crisped rice pieces.Cookies & Cream is made with vanilla ice cream and “dark chocolate cookie crunch,” topped with chocolate fudge, and covered with white chocolate and more dark cookie crunch. Caramel & Peanuts features vanilla ice cream with caramel, covered in milk chocolate and peanuts.

To introduce the new product line, Klondike has partnered with CollegeHumor for a video series on the origin story of the Kandy Bar, which includes a romance between a candy bar and Klondike Bar.

Klondike Kandy Bars will be available nationwide in April at the suggested retail price of $3.59

Watch the first commercial, featuring Klondike Bar and “Nurse Candy,” below: 

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