New Invention Alert: The 'HAPIfork'

This new utensil from HAPILABS buzzes when you eat too fast
Wikimedia Commons/ ArnoldReinhold


The Consumer Electronics Show takes over Las Vegas every year at this time, and it’s a place where wide-eyed inventors can show off their newest creations. There are always a few food-related electronic inventions that come out of the woodwork, and this year is no different, for this year, there’s the Smartfork.

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The fork, developed by Hong Kong-based HAPILABS, buzzes when you eat too fast and is intended to help people lose weight by slowing down their rate of eating. According to The Huffington Post, the fork "counts each bite you take and tracks your average meal time, the number of bites per serving, and the number of bites per meal where you were 'overspeeding,' or bringing the fork to your mouth too quickly."

After you finish eating, you can sync the fork with your smartphone or computer (never thought we’d be writing those words!), and it gives you all the data collected during the meal. You can also track your progress, keeping it private or choosing to share it with the HAPIfork community.


Unfortunately, you’ll need to slow down eating sandwiches, pizza, and other hand-held items without the aid of a fork.