New Food Cart Sells Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Yappy Treats has dog-friendly frozen yogurt in flavors like tuna-carob

Food carts and frozen yogurt aren't just for trendy, urban people anymore. They're also for trendy, urban dogs.

According to Jezebel, a new food cart called Yappy Treats is taking to the streets of New York this weekend, and it's vending an "all natural gourmet frozen yogurt dog treat" or "dogfroyo," for short. It's made of healthy, human-quality ingredients, so people could probably eat it, too. Some flavors, like peanut-butter-carob, sound pretty tasty. But humans will probably want to avoid the tuna-carob blend.

According to the Yappy Treats website, the dogfroyo is a small-batch, hand-crafted ice cream treat for dogs made from human-quality ingredients. The frozen yogurt is made from a base of Chobani greek yogurt, which they say contains digestive enzymes and probiotics that will give dogs nice, shiny coats.

It sounds like if she just left out the tuna, she'd be making nice peanut butter-flavored frozen Greek yogurt that people could eat, too.

Owner Laura Diaz says she came up with the idea for dogfroyo because her own dog was crazy for New York ice cream trucks and would constantly pull her over to them and wait till she bought him an ice cream snack. But then she started to worry about all the sugar and lactose not being good for him, so she started making a fat-free, lactose-free, dog-friendly frozen yogurt.

The Yappy Treats Dogfroyo is available at pet stores. And during the warm months, Diaz says the Yappy Treats Cart will be at events and dog runs around New York. She'll be tweeting out locations about where they'll be on the Yappy Treats Twitter account.


Yappy Treats also has a catering service for dog events and parties. Considering what some people spend on some dog birthday parties, that does not sound at all like a bad idea.