New Farm Bill Amendment Will Improve Local Farming and Food

A new amendment introduced to the 2013 Farm Bill will improve access to locally grown food

If you’re a farmer or if you buy locally grown food: listen up. A new amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill could hugely impact our food and farm system, according to PRWeb. The amendment, introduced by Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, will increase funding for programs that benefit farmers and communities that rely on locally grown food. 

These programs allow greater access to locally grown food for communities. They make it possible for low-income seniors to access fresh, healthy produce from local farmers, for farmers to expand their operations, and for communities to grow a better and healthier food supply.


"By increasing access to fresh, local foods, we can expand markets for agricultural producers in Ohio and around the country while improving health, creating jobs, and strengthening our economy," Senator Sherrod Brown said.