New Church’s ads focus on families

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Church's Chicken has launched a new ad campaign promoting the quick-service chain’s fare as a family-centric meal to be shared at home.

The 1,700-unit chain also introduced a “9 for 99 cents” value menu at participating restaurants. Available on the menu, for 99 cents, are: a leg or thigh and a biscuit, a value chicken sandwich, three bombers, a tender and biscuit, apple pie, three boneless wings, three jalapeno poppers, 2 biscuits and a 12-ounce drink.

The “You Bring it Home” campaign, created by Atlanta-based Trend Influence, will feature the new value menu as well as regularly priced items in spots on television, radio, and outdoor and print advertising.

“We have spent a considerable amount of time talking and listening to our customers about what is important in their lives," Church's chief executive Jim Hyatt, said in a statement. “Our customers have a great sense of pride in providing for their families. Our food brings comfort and people together to help improve their quality of life."

Hyatt joined Church’s as the Atlanta-based company’s CEO in September, two months after he left his job as chief executive of fast-casual sandwich chain Cosí.

"Our new campaign speaks directly to and celebrates our customers — the moms and dads — who provide for their families everyday and know they can rely on Church's in their community to help them bring home a meal they can be proud to serve,” said Joel Bulger, Church’s senior vice president of brand marketing.

Bulger joined the chain in July after serving as vice president for brand marketing at Moe’s Southwest Grill.

One commercial in the campaign will feature a mother arriving home loaded down with shopping bags. Her husband takes the bag of Church’s from her and carries it into the kitchen where the kids greet him with delight, chanting “Dad! Dad! Dad!”

But the mother has the last laugh, holding up another Church’s bag and telling the kids she has the apple pie, prompting another chant of “Mom! Mom! Mom!”

One of Church’s competitors, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, tested a variety of desserts and side dishes last year in an attempt to increase its presence in the home-meal replacement market.

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