New Absinthe Made in Vancouver

Now that the worldwide stigma against the 'Green Fairy' is over, where to find new absinthe

While Americans are embracing the lift of the absinthe ban, Canadians are jumping on board, too. Now, a Vancouver-based spirits company is releasing a new absinthe to meet the demand for classic cocktails made with the "green fairy." The newest spirit from Pemberton Distillery, The Devil’s Club Organic Absinthe is made with 13 different botanical from local, organic farms. That includes hops, Oregon grapes, hemp seeds, and Devil’s Club root bark (the "root" of the absinthe's name). Said Tyler Schramm to the Vancouver Sun, “As with all our spirits, our goal with the absinthe is to create a classic yet unique and modern spirit that can be enjoyed on its own terms ... Most of our customers are wary to try the absinthe and then discover they absolutely love it.” The Devil's Club Organic Absinthe will be joining the ranks of one very popular Vancouver absinthe: the Taboo absinthe from Okanagan Spirits. That, and the newest Pemberton Distillery absinthe, will keep fighting against the "green fairy" myth. "“It’s one of those products where the myth has taken over,” said Rodney Goodchild, the marketing and operations director for Okanagan Spirits, which produces Taboo absinthe, to the Vancouver Sun. “People’s understanding of absinthe is so wrong.”