Never Let Food Go Bad: 5 Products That Extend Your Produce's Shelf Life

Don't let your summer produce rot in the fridge

How to keep your produce fresh in the fridge

All right, we fess up.

Sometimes, the week gets away from us, and at the end of it, we find ourselves facing a fridge full of half-rotten fruits, past their prime and sadly squishy.

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Luckily, science is here to help. A slew of products have come out to save our produce from our busy lives (or ambitiously lazy cooking habits).

With these products to keep your produce fresh, you won't feel guilty going for a burger with friends instead of sautéeing the bok choy you have wilting in your fridge. Fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs will last a lot longer (and taste better!) with these helpful products, and who knows? Your grocery list might be just a tad shorter.



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