NBC Casting for 'Food Fighters,' 'Food Network Star' Lineup Announced

Today in food television news, people are trying to get famous

New contestants line up for 'Food Network Star' in season 8 of the show.

Despite Tom Colicchio's advice to young chefs (don't go the food television route), there is no shortage of wannabe celebrity chefs and hopeful cheftestants. And now, we can probably add "cooktestants" as a category, as home cooks are making their way to the food television sphere.

NBC is now casting for Food Fighters, looking for contestants who are "bold, confident, and have the skills and tenacity to take on the professionals!" The concept, which stacks up home cooks against professional chefs, sounds humiliating for the chefs, but they're hoping cooks will email NBChomecookshow@gmail.com for a chance to be on television.

Food Network, in the meantime, has announced the lineup for the next season of Food Network Star, including Nikki Dinki, a food blogger and voice-over actress; Viet Pham, a chef at Forage Restaurant; and Damaris Phillips, a beer writer for LouisvilleBeer.com. Check out the promo below and the full lineup over on Eater.


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