National Vodka Day

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Bet you didn’t know that today is National Vodka Day!
National Vodka DAy

We're so glad it's national vodka day. Sure does give us an excuse to drink lots of delicious cocktails!

We have a blast celebrating every food holiday that we can think of, namely National Taco Day today, Oct. 4. And today also happens to be National Vodka Day, and we're ready to celebrate! If you’re new to vodka, that’s OK — we've come up with a few different cocktails that you can use vodka in. We also rounded up some of our favorite ways to use vodka that don't involve drinking it.

Vodka is one of the most used and yet underestimated liquors out there. Vodka has a pretty cool history, which can be traced back to Poland and Russia — these two countries still disagree about who created the awesome spirit but we think we’ll hand the award over to Russia, who boasts the first record of vodka production. After all, its name was derived from the Russian word "voda," which means "water." The drink comes from ninth-century Russia; the first distillery was mentioned in a Russian newspaper called the Vyatka Chronicle two centuries later in 1174.

Vodka is also a major player in some of our favorite drinks. The most iconic cocktails feature some absolutely divine vodka. The martini, although originally made with gin, is constantly evolving and can now include vodka. You can’t forget the staple Sex & the City drink, the Cosmopolitan, which skyrocketed cranberry juice and vodka to fame. But before the days of Samantha, Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda, there was the Cape Codder, and it goes down in history as one of our favorite refreshing drinks. And then there’s the vodka-filled Bloody Mary, a drink that has gotten us over some pretty rough hangovers.

Don’t even get us started on flavored vodka! But since we mentioned it… the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re infusing your own vodka, or using flavors like orange vodka to add some creativity to classic cocktails, there’s really no end to the ways vodka can be used.

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And if you’re not a huge drinker, we found some pretty cool ways to use vodka outside of the glass. So before you pour that bottle someone bought you down the drain, remember that it soothes poison ivy and can actually clean that pesky mold in your bathtub. You don’t have to celebrate National Vodka Day with a drink in your hand, because it’s better celebrated with a faithful bottle by your side!