Naked Shoppers Swarm Supermarket

Publicity stunt goes right when grocery overrun by nudists

A new grocery store, ironically named "Priss," made news this week when it was swarmed with completely naked shoppers and, of course, the requisite police officers and news cameras.

Nils Sterndorff, manager of the supermarket in Süderlügum, Germany, near the German-Danish border, came up with the idea of offering free groceries to the first 100 people willing to shop in the nude as a bit of a fun publicity stunt for the store’s grand opening.

Not that he was expecting that many people, though.

"I never thought a hundred people would come, I thought maybe more like 10," he told The Local.

But while Sterndorff asked for 100 and expected 10, what he actually got was more like 250 men and women, some of whom waited in line before the store opened to make sure they’d be one of the first 100.

There was such a crowd that Sterndorff had to let shoppers into the store in groups of 20, so the press of 250 nude bodies wouldn’t cause a dangerous situation.

According to Gawker, police say that most of the would-be nudists queued up in front of the store were Danish shoppers, who are apparently known for crossing the border to take advantage of Germany’s cheaper prices on alcohol and snacks.

Once inside, the naked people were allowed to fill their carts with whatever they wanted, up to €270, or $339. Many of them apparently opted for alcohol.