Nadia G Gets a Little Festive

Check out some real holiday spirit in Nadia G's 'A Bitchin' Christmas'
Nadia G Gets a Little Festive
Francesca Borgognone

If a rapping Andrew Zimmern isn’t enough to get you intrigued, how about  a tuxedo-clad Epic Meal Time trio?  Or what about an emcee-esque Guy Fieri; the Vegan Black Metal Chef, Duff Goldman; and a throwback-Britney-cat suit-clad Nadia G of Bitchin’ Kitchen

Well, "A Bitchin' Christmas" certainly is a sight, for sore eyes we’re not so sure. What is supposed to be a holiday song as an effort to support Meals on Wheels, turned out to be somewhat disturbing, confusing medley of verses and a random roster of cameos.

If you’re still interested, check it out, but be prepared for the too-repeated verse, “Show me your ding ding ding dong." Ouch.

If you want to purchase the song on iTunes, proceeds support Meals on Wheels


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