Nadia G on 'Bitchin' Kitchen'

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The Cooking Channel host discusses her third season
Nadia G on 'Bitchin' Kitchen'

The Cooking Channel host discusses her third season

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Nadia G

Nadia G is not your average television host. Between the stilettos, the jokes, and the slang, her show Bitchin' Kitchen makes for one particularly special cooking show. But because of that, the show has gained a cult following among those of us who get bored watching a basic stand-and-stir show.

And now airing on the Cooking Channel is the third season of Bitchin' Kitchen! We got the host herself to come in and tell us all about it, ranging from episodes about parenting skills to blind dates. And of course, in the same fabulous shoes as ever.

Nadia feels like the show is a continuation of her original Web seires. "I could create cool aprons, I could dish out recipes, I could do the comedy, music videos, so we've always had a lot of freedom in Bitchin' Kitchen and that has continued," she says.

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You can catch Nadia's third season on Wednesdays at 10 p.m., and watch the video above to hear more about it!