Mystery of Ottavia Bourdain's Bad Steak Finally Solved

And the whole drama between Eater and Anthony Bourdain comes to a close

Last week's New York Diet from Anthony Bourdain's wife Ottavia sparked some major controversy on the Internet this week, with blogs like Eating Las Vegas doing their best to figure out where her bad steak was served.

The premise? Ottavia wrote about having a steak at a reputable Las Vegas restaurant. "The steak arrives and it has no char. It looks boiled. I cut into it and it’s hard, and gray inside; it’s well done. It also tastes like cheap supermarket meat that was quickly defrosted under hot water in the kitchen sink. And it smells — not dry-aged funk, but some disturbing livery odor. Now, this is a reputable steakhouse, with a famous and respected name on the door, but it was the worst steak I’ve ever had in my life, an abomination."

Since then, Eating Las Vegas' John Curtas sleuthed around and concluded that the couple dined at CarneVino at the Palazzo. But that turned out to be wrong, as Anthony Bourdain tweeted, "@eatinglasvegas dear f*ck-nuts. worth reporting that your entire premise is based on lazy, erroneous assumption. Never stayed at Venetian."

Turns out, the couple ate at Charlie Palmer Steak Las Vegas, and Palmer himself came forward to apologize "before any more of my hardworking colleagues at other restaurants are implicated." And while Palmer apologized for the bad steak, he wrote to Eater that he wishes the staff could have corrected the issue. "Hearing about it later is like investigating a murder without a body."

Bourdain, in the meantime, has taken the apology with stride. "Charlie Palmer, you are a gracious man and a great chef. As we all know, sometimes sh*t happens. Thanks," he tweeted yesterday. So now that's over...